The 8th International Conference on Dynamics of Information Systems (DIS 2025) will be held as a physical conference on June 1-5, 2025 in London, UK. This conference, a continuation of the highly successful DIS series held in the United States and Europe, investigates the intersections and uncharted domains in information science, optimization, operations research, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The DIS 2025 includes contributions from researchers and practitioners in information science, operations research, computer science, optimization, and electrical engineering. DIS 2025 discusses topics from theoretical, algorithmic, and practical points of view, providing the readers with information, theories, and techniques.

Topics of Interest

DIS 2025 welcomes high-quality submissions on the broad topics of information science, optimization, operations research, machine learning, artificial intelligence, their real-life applications, and their interactions.
Moreover, more specific submission topics for both longer and shorter papers may include, but are not limited to:

  •  Information science
  •  Uncertainty modeling
  •  Optimization (theory, methods, and applications)
  •  Operations research & management science
  •  Machine learning
  •  Data science & big data
  •  Quantum Information
  •  Dynamical systems and control
  • Information geometry for machine learning
  • Optimization with information constraints
  • Value of information
  • Entropic regularization and optimal transport
  • Information and Wasserstein gradient flows
  •  Applications in robotics, economics, energy, environmental sciences, and other areas